Citizens for Syria

Citizens for Syria (CfS) is a catalyst for cooperation and exchange of experiences and information between Syria civil society actors and civil society organizations from around the world. CfS intends to build a network that brings activists and organizations from or interested in Syria in one place to collaborate on projects and exchange knowledge, to support the Syrian people and take a part in a global movement of solidarity.

Sawa for Development & Aid

 SAWA is an incubator for social change where we, as individuals, inspire and support one another to live in dignity, take ownership of our lives and determine our own fate on our conscious path towards freedom, justice and equality.

Syrian Center for Policy Research

The Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR) is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit think tank, which undertakes public policy oriented research to bridge the gap between research and the policy making process. SCPR aims to develop a participatory, evidence-based policy dialogue to achieve policy alternatives that promote sustainable, inclusive, and human-centered development in Syria.

Syrian League for Citizenship

The Syrian League for Citizenship (SL4C) is a voluntary civil society organisation contributing to the establishment of citizenship interrelations between citizens, the state and the shared environment. SL4C carries out diverse activities to reach this aim, including knowledge and capacity building around the concept of citizenship, field work, media outreach, as well as projects on transitional justice, cultural heritage and refugee support.

Mouwatana (Citizenship Movement)

Mouwatana is a Syrian political movement that works towards a pluralistic, democratic Syrian state based on the principles of equal citizenship, justice and comprehensive development. Through a wide range of work, including participation in political processes, advocacy, research and civil society projects, it seeks to disseminate the values and culture of citizenship and human rights within Syrian society.

Creative Memory

The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution is an online project archiving intellectual and artistic expressions of Syria’s contemporary revolutionary history. It aims at gathering and spreading the messages expressed by the different artworks, writings, recordings and stories of the Syrian people, and to help Syria’s artistic resistance create networks among themselves and connect to the outside world.


Alshare3 Foundation works on a number of media projects and activities inside and outside Syria to defend the freedom of media, by using tools such as documentaries, short films, media campaigns and photography. It also trains civil society activists in media-related skills and organises public cultural events in Syria.

Syrian Mobile Film Festival

The Syrian Mobile Film Festival is a Syrian-run project that tries to create a unique platform to encourage professional directors and amateurs in making creative films via mobile cameras with low budgets. Besides showing films to local audiences inside Syria and participating in international film festivals, the project also provides training opportunities and grants for Syrian filmmakers.

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