Said, Salam

COVID-19 and the Syrian economy

Implications for social justice
Beirut, 2020

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Daher, Joseph

COVID-19 and the Syrian regime

an opportunity to tighten its authoritarian control over society
Beirut, 2020

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Nasser-Eddin, Nof; Mhaissen, Rouba

The gendered journey of return

The case of Syrian women in Lebanon
Beirut, 2020

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Nasser-Eddin, Nof; Mhaissen, Rouba

[The gendered journey of return]

[The case of Syrian women in Lebanon]
Beirut, 2020

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Reinventing state: Health governance in Syrian opposition-held areas

Beirut, 2019

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Local economies in Syria

Divisions & dependencies
Beirut, 2019

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02.11.2021 | Publication

Strategies for European engagement with Syrian diaspora civil society organisations

During much of the Syrian conflict, civil society organisations have multiplied and grown after years of struggling under the Assad regime. Such organisations facilitated early civic resistance, created a blossoming media landscape that narrated the war as well as the country’s deprivations, and provided essential services.


FES Syria | Publication

EU Feminist Foreign Policy on Syria

How a holistic perspective can inform EU policymaking on Syria


| Publication

Social Degradation in Syria - The Conflict Impact on Social Capital

The Social Degradation report, which is available in English and Arabic, explores the impact of the armed conflict in Syria on social relations. It uses the concept of social capital as an approach to analyzing trust, cooperation, and shared values. The research develops a composite index to measure social capital based on multi-purpose field survey. The analysis of this index over time and regions, detailing its components and studying its determinants, helps discern the state of social degradation in Syria. The report proposes alternative policies to overcome the catastrophic social impact of the conflict.


| Publication

Syria: Views from Inside

Despite the devastation that has continued to unfold in Syria since 2011, a number of Syrians have demonstrated their belief in the power of testifying about ongoing events in the country, whether in narrative or other forms. The collection of texts included in this book, published originally in Germany, were penned by some of Syria's leading writers between 2012 and 2014. The texts, written initially in Arabic, take readers back home to Syria—even though most of the writers involved have long since left the country.



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