Political Economy

Today, economic grievances and social injustice are more prevalent than ever and have a severe impact on the Syrian population. The war economy as well as neoliberal policies have led to a sharp increase in poverty and unemployment, and with it a high dependence on foreign aid and remittances. In order to counter the impact of the pre-war policies as well as those implemented in the last decade, Syria is in need of comprehensive socially just reforms.

For all Syrians to be able to build a socially just future in their country, progressive economic reforms and a fair distribution of resources and investment are necessary. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung therefore provides decision-makers with policy advice for a socially just economy. Any analysis of the Syrian reality needs to be rooted in local perspectives, which is why FES supports in-depth research in cooperation with local partners. In addition, FES collaborates with its civil society partners to introduce concepts of social justice and progressive economic reforms to the public discourse through campaigns and publications.

FES provides Syrian researchers and CSOs with spaces to explore, develop and discuss concepts and reform proposals for the social and economic future of their country.

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