Gender Justice

There is no social justice without gender justice. In order to guarantee long-lasting and sustainable peace and economic development, all members of society, their needs and circumstances have to be considered and included in any reform efforts. However, social and political life in Syria still largely excludes women, who are denied equal rights, are barely present at decision-making tables and in public discourses and experience manifold discrimination and violence. Their life path is often predefined by stereotypical gender roles rather than self-determination, which hinders their equal participation in all dimensions of private and public life, and results in biased and exclusionary social and political discourses.

In light of this, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is cooperating with Syrian women and feminists in implementing projects and campaigns for the advancement of gender justice and equality of opportunity, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. FES works closely with feminist and women-led organisations in advocating for their cause and providing platforms for them to present their demands and feminist perspectives. By offering training material and consultation, FES helps Syrian civil society actors become more aware of intersectional gender justice with the aim of contributing to a more gender-just Syria.

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