Political Education

Social democracy, and its three core values, freedom, equality and solidarity, guide the everyday work of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. These values are also at the heart of the FES political education programme, which aims to prepare young citizens for participation in public life with a view to establishing and maintaining a just society.

The FES political education programme aims at increasing young people's commitment to and participation in public life and the relevance of politics to them. We provide young Syrians with the necessary support to reach their full potential so that they can fill emerging socio-political spaces with constructive political initiatives in Syria’s ever-changing and evolving environment.

The FES political education programme works with young Syrians to develop their skills and help them gain the confidence they need to play an active leadership role in politics and public life. The Syrian Young Leaders Program (SYLP), a FES-designed training scheme for a select group of young adults, fosters discussion and debate on contemporary political and social issues, provides an interactive methodological training platform, and offers networking opportunities to to encourage active and responsible citizenship. Committed to gender equality, FES particularly encourages applications from young women.

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