Peace and Security

The unrelenting violence of the Syrian conflict over the past decade has resulted in 6.6 million Syrians having to flee their country and an additional 6.7 million being displaced internally. 1 Peace and security remain elusive amid several attempted ceasefires, which have been repeatedly violated by all parties to the conflict, and coordinated airstrikes resulting in high numbers of civilian casualties. International efforts to resolve the Syrian conflict politically have not yet produced concrete resolutions.

Through providing analysis from a human security and feminist perspective, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung aims at providing new approaches for a peaceful future for Syria. Progressive Syrian voices, civil society organisations and social movements will be supported in their efforts towards nationwide social reconciliation and sustainable peacebuilding. Women remain largely underrepresented in peacebuilding efforts. In light of this, FES aims at strengthening women’s voices, in particular, and supporting their participation and initiatives.

1 UNHCR updated statistics from 15 March 2021 last accessed on 7 May 2021.

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